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The goal of the committee is to support Coconut Grove’s civic, cultural, and environmental assets through advocacy for parks and development of green space, enhanced protection of the existing tree canopy, improved environmentally sustainable practices, and increased awareness of our community’s history and heritage



  • Identify underutilized areas that can provide publicly accessible green space within easy access to all our neighborhoods.

  • Recognize grassroots projects that support the delicate subtropical waterfront natural environment that is the hallmark of Coconut Grove

  • Stay informed of tree and canopy issues and, if appropriate, support an appeal of City of Miami Intended Decision to approve Tree Removal requests.

  • Provide support to residents in matters requiring action or input from City departments, the BID, or other jurisdictional authorities for issues related to the civic, cultural, and environmental well-being of Coconut Grove.

Focus Areas

  • Coconut Grove Playhouse

  • Marjory Stoneman Douglas House

  • Miami Foundation Public Space Challenge

  • Tree Canopy Maintenance and Growth

  • Sustainability and Green Initiatives



Playhouse Updates

For general information about the Playhouse such as the size of the proposed theater, funding, next steps, and hurdles ahead, refer to the County’s FAQ here.

Majory Stoneman Douglas House

Learn more about this treasured Coconut Grove historic building here.

Public Space Challenge Winners, 2018

Celebrating Coconut Grove recipients of the Miami Foundation Public Space Challenge grants.

View a list of the 2018 winners here.

View the winner of the Palmetto Plaza Green Space project here.

View the winner of the Resilient Living Shoreline Micro Smart Park project here.

Miami-Dade Adopt-a-Tree Program

Adopt-a-Tree available trees, event dates, and times are subject to change. Tree quantities are limited and will be given away on a first-come, first-served basis by Miami-Dade County.

The specific dates and trees for the Adopt-a-Tree event will not be available until closer to the event date, which is late spring/early summer. Please check back or sign up to receive updates.

Stay connected and receive updates here.

Learn more about the program here.

Tree Cover/Canopy

Proposed removal of damaged tree on Main HIghway in front of Taurus. Read the 2014 arborist's report here. Read the 2015 horticultural consultant's report here. Read list of trees lost in Hurricane Irma (2017) here.

Certified Wildlife Habitat

Create a certified wildlife habitat garden to attract birds, butterflies, and other neighborhood wildlife by providing food, water, and cover using sustainable practices. Learn more here.

Connect to Protect Network

Fairchild Tropical Garden’s Connect to Protect Network enlists South Florida residents to use native plants to reconnect the fragments of pine rockland. Schools and businesses can also participate. Learn more here.

Ocean-Friendly Restaurants

Drive change through patronage of sustainable ocean-friendly practices.  We recognize Coral Reef Yacht Club as the only Coconut Grove location currently participating in this program.  Encourage your favorite restaurant to join Surfrider Foundation’s Ocean-Friendly Restaurant program. Learn more here.

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