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Hernán Guerrero Applewhite

I have been a resident in 33133 for the last 10 years and of the West Grove for the last 5 years. I currently run a small urban planning and community development consulting practice, teach as a Visiting Adjunct Teaching Professor at the FIU School of Architecture and am the father of 2 children attending local public schools

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My Story

My background is in Geography, Urban Planning and Architecture. I spent a large part of my career creating digital mapping systems for cities and counties in the Northeast and developing affordable housing and revitalizing neighborhoods through historic preservation in Brooklyn. I have straddled theory and practice by working on many master plans and corridor studies locally and across the country but also assisted the construction of 3 affordable homeownership opportunities in the West Grove.

I believe our neighborhood has a lot of potential to grow and thrive while continuing to be a walkable community. How can we leverage the increased density and economic growth in Coconut Grove to spur mixed-income, mixed-use development that allows us to retain a semblance of the village character in the ‘West Grove’? As your elected member, I want to ensure that the ongoing redevelopment become a tide that allows for all boats to rise, for the collective success of Coconut Grove. I commit to listening to the community and advocating for our best interests.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(305) 814-0102

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